"You have to overvalue yourself sometimes. Know your worth and add tax to it"

 -Corporate Bytes Women


I'm Valentina Modella,

I want to introduce myself! I love everything beauty, fashion, and inspiration! If you are trying to buy or sell clothing items, textiles, cosmetics, beauty items, need a little bit of inspiration (about what a beautiful person you really are), or just want to see whats trending in the world of all things fabulous - I can definitely help!

Remember, there is beauty in everything and everyone!

Valentina Modella

The Team

Our team of geniuses (you'll see them soon) are a pretty helpful bunch! From news, to goods and services, and help selling your second hand stuff (free, and locally)... they are worth getting to know!

Whats Next...

Now that you've met Steve , lets get to the good stuff! Keep up to date with whats going on with all things fashion, beauty, and inspiration...

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